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Are employee and public safety important to your company? Did you know that effective analytic strategies could help prevent incidents, accidents or even equipment failures using data you already have? At First Analytics we utilize your data to create and tailor a solution focused on addressing your exact business focus. The main objective, however, is to anticipate risk in future activities. Predictive analytics can assess at-risk employees as they are scheduled for a particular shift. While actual incidents are rare and difficult to predict, a risk score produced by a predictive model, in and of itself provides a valuable mechanism for intervention and remediation.​

Benefits of Predictive Safety Analytics

This is the age of information, data mining, machine learning and predictive, complete analytics. Safety departments that don’t embrace this will fall behind. Contact us to learn how you can….

  • Predict and prevent employee incidents, accidents and equipment failures.
  • Identify the people, places and processes at most risk.
  • Quantify the probabilities of accidents or injuries.
  • Categorize and quantify the relative impact of specific risk factors.
  • Separate signal from noise when accessing trends or the impact of safety programs, equipment, or process changes.
  • One injury or incident can be hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars.
  • For every prediction we make, we can tell you how accurate those predictions are.
  • For every risk factor that we confirm, we can tell you our statistical level of confidence in that factor.

Predictive Safety Analytics Resources

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