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Nearly all of our work in the Energy and Utilities has been either with our Predictive Safety Analytics, Analytics of Things (smart meters) or Analytics Platforms offerings.  But we are ready to apply the work we have done in related industries.

Analytics Examples for Energy and Utilities

  • Demand Forecasting:
    • Predicting energy consumption patterns to optimize power generation and distribution.
    • Anticipating peak demand periods to manage load and prevent outages.
  • Asset Management:
    • Predictive maintenance of infrastructure to prevent failures and extend asset life.
    • Monitoring the health and performance of equipment like transformers and generators.
  • Renewable Energy Integration:
    • Forecasting output from renewable sources such as solar and wind for better grid integration
    • Optimizing the mix of renewable and conventional energy sources.
  • Grid Optimization and Reliability:
    • Identifying potential points of failure in the grid to enhance reliability.
    • Managing grid operations effectively during high demand or supply fluctuations.
  • Energy Trading and Risk Management:
    • Forecasting market prices for better trading strategies.
    • Assessing risks in energy investments and supply contracts.
  • Customer Engagement and Service Improvement:
    • Tailoring energy-saving recommendations to customers based on usage patterns.
    • Enhancing customer service through proactive outage detection and communication.
  • Regulatory Compliance and Reporting:
    • Ensuring compliance with environmental and safety regulations through better data analysis.
    • Streamlining reporting processes with accurate and timely data.
  • Smart Metering and Analytics:
    • Utilizing smart meter data for better demand response and energy efficiency programs.
    • Detecting and reducing energy theft and loss.
  • Environmental Impact and Sustainability:
    • Analyzing and predicting the environmental impact of energy production and usage.
    • Supporting sustainability initiatives through data-driven insights.
  • Innovation in Energy Products and Services:
    • Developing new energy products and services based on consumer behavior and trends.
    • Improving existing offerings through insights gained from predictive analytics.

Selected Industry Beneficiaries of our Work

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