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Publications and media

Slides from conference presentations and other events are not included here but in some cases may be available upon request.


Predictive Safety Analytics: Reducing Risk through Modeling and Machine Learning

This book demonstrates the use of predictive analytics and machine learning to improve safety rates in various organizations, presenting real case studies and emphasizing the transformation of safety data collection from backward-looking to forward-looking and predictive methods

Getting Started with Predictive Safety Analytics

Through real-world examples, learn how you can use Predictive Safety Analytics with data you already have to further improve employee and public safety.

Enhancing Worker Safety through Predictive Analytics

An April, 2024 webinar hosted by the software company SAS

Manufacturing and Consumer Goods: Improving Workplace Safety with Analytics

A 2017 Webinar hosted by the software company SAS

Forecasting and Supply Chain

Machine Augmented Demand Planning

A Framework for Classifying AI/ML and Analytical Applications.

Machine Learning and Demand Planning at Kelloggs

How machine learning boosts statistical forecasting for better demand planning at Kelloggs.  Presentation at SAS Analytics Experience 2018.

Black Swan Events and the Supply Chain Renaissance

From the Big Ideas in Supply Chain podcast, by Kinaxis, a discussion on how to make any supply chain disruption-proof.

Improving Forecast Accuracy at Hershey’s Using a Hybrid Hierarchical Approach

This article appears in the Spring 2023 edition of the Journal of Business Forecasting.

Commentary on "To Share or Not To Share: The Future of Collaborative Forecasting"

This article originally appeared in Foresight, Issue 67 and is made available with permission of Foresight and the International Institute of Forecasters.


GenAI Can Help Companies Do More with Customer Feedback

April, 2024 Harvard Business Review Online article co-authored by First Analytics co-founders Tom Davenport and Mike Thompson, along with Jim Sterne.  (This is a link to to article — we are unable to provide a downloadable PDF)

Vetting Vendor AI Claims

A guide to evaluating the claims from vendors regarding AI in their solutions.

The Current State of AI: The Good, Bad, and Evil of ChatGPT

General session at the Community of Human and Organizational Learning Conference (CHOLearning) 2023 conference.  The world of Generative AI evolves so quickly, we figured the content would be stale in a number of weeks.  And it was.  But we make this available here.

Fuel Conservation

Railroad Greenhouse Gas Expert plugin for ChatGPT

An AI we trained to help railroads reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  A ChatGPT Plus, Team, or Enterprise subscription is required.  Get a flavor of a typical conversation in this document.

Analysis of the Energy Reduction Benefits of MPL NatureBlend Locomotive Wheel Flange Lubricant

We analyzed test data generated at the Transportation Technology Center for our client, MPL Innovations.  More details here.

Projecting the Energy Reduction Benefits of MPL NatureBlend Locomotive Wheel Flange Lubricant to Specific Railroad Profiles

We projected test data generated at the Transportation Technology Center to potential real-world railroad contexts for our client, MPL Innovations.  More details here.

Inertial Tractive Effort as an Explanatory Variable in the Analysis of Locomotive Fuel Savings

A paper presented at the International Heavy Haul Association 2015 conference.

Animal Health and Protein Production

GBADs AHLE Interative Dashboard

This interactive dashboard we built shows estimates of the animal health loss envelope (AHLE) for livestock using publicly available data.  This is part of the Global Burden of Animal Diseases (GBADs) project. To learn more see the GBADs webpage


An Effective and Safe Novel Treatment of Opioid Use Disorder: Unilateral Transcranial Photobiomodulation

We supported the research in this paper with statistical analysis.  See also this blog post.

SAS Software

SAS Institute Profile of First Analytics

A 2014 interview of Mike Thompson, CEO of First Analytics.

SAS Interview of Tom Davenport

An interview at the 2017 SAS Analytics Experience event, on the tenth anniversary of the publication of “Competing on Analytics”

Using the COPULA Procedure to Simulate Multivariate Data

Presented at the 2018 SAS Global Forum in conjuction with Kellogg’s.

Introduction to Market Basket Analysis

Presented at 2013 Midwest SAS User Group.  Includes a SAS/BASE macro for peforming MBA and association rules,  The concept is not limited to retail and CPG — it can be used in safety analytics, for example.  See also this blog post.

Works of Tom Davenport

Tom is the chairman and co-founder of First Analytics.  Many of his publications are listed at his personal website.

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