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First Analytics regularly participates in industry events and conferences, often as a speaker and occasionally as a sponsor.

For some of the events below, in some circumstances, we may be able to make the content (slides, video recordings) available.  If you are interested, please contact us.

YearEventRoleSession Title (if applicable)
2024Community of Human and Organizational Learning Annual ConferenceSpeaker
My CEO Asked for AI: A Year in Review
2024Community of Human and Organizational Learning WebinarSpeaker and PanelistMy CEO Says I'm Supposed to Use AI. Now What?
2024SAS WebinarSpeakerEnhancing Worker Safety through Predictive Analytics
2024ODSC EastSpeakerUnlocking Hidden Value: Data Science + Optimization
2024North American Meat Institute Environment, Labor & Safety+ ConferenceSpeakerPredictive Safety Analytics for Worker Safety
2023North American Meat Institute Protein PACT summitSpeaker1. Predicitive Safety Analytics for Worker Safety
2. Predictive Analytics for Employee Retention
2023Gurobi Days ChicagoSpeakerReplatforming to Gurobi using AI Tools
2023Community of Human and Organizational Learning Annual ConferenceSpeaker1. The Current State of AI: The Good, Bad, and Evil of ChatGPT
2. Machine Learning to Assess Accident Risk for Truck and Train Operators
2023IBF Predictive Business Analytics and Forecasting ConferenceSpeakerUsing Attributes for Better Forecasting and Product Insight
2022Utility Analytics WeekParticipantAdvanced Safety Analytics: Modeling the Way to Keep Employees Safe
2022Community of Human and Organizational Learning Annual ConferenceSpeakerPredictive Analytics for Safety
2022Community of Human and Organizational Learning WebinarSpeakerAdd Predictive Analytics to Your Safety Management System
2021OSHA Oil and Gas Safety and Health ConferenceSpeakerAdd Predictive Analytics to Your Safety Management System
2021Symphony Industrial AI WebinarSpeakerProductionizing AI in Manufacturing
2021National Retail Federation - SAS ProgramQ&A Panel Participant
2020Big Ideas in Supply Chain PodcastDiscussion ParticipantBlack Swan Events and the Supply Chain Renaissance
2020SAS Utility Analytics Board WebcastPanel ParticipantUtility Leaders Sound off on COVID-19 and Sustaining Operations Amid the Pandemic
2019North Carolina Safety CongressKeynote SpeakerIt’s Time to Move On to Predictive Analytics for Safety
2019Foresight Practitioner ConferenceSpeakerMachine Augmented Demand Planning
2019APICS/IBF Mexcio CitySpeakerCómo el uso de Machine Learning aumenta los pronósticos estadísticos para mejorar la planeación de la demanda en la empresa Kellogg
2019OHS Leaders SummitSponsor
2019IoT Global Innovation ForumOpening SpeakerWhy Your “Analytics of Things” Aspirations are in Jeopardy
2019Michigan Analytics Consortium (private event)SpeakerKeeping Up with the Bewildering Evolution of Analytics Platforms
2019SAS Global ForumSpeaker at private client eventBeyond Demand Planning and Marketing Mix: Analytics You May Not Have Considered
2018SAS Global ForumSponsor
2018SAS Global ForumSpeakerUsing the COPULA Procedure to Simulate Multivariate Data
2018SAS WebinarSpeakerEmployee Safety and Incident Management
2018SAS Manufacturing Executive ForumSpeakerUse Analytics to Redefine your Approach to Safety
2018OHS Leaders SummitSponsor
2018National Safety Congress and ExpoSponsor
2018Industry Week Manufacturing and Technology Conference and ExpoSpeakerMaking Sense of Sensor Data: Adventures in Analytics
2018JPK Data Intelligence and Analytics SummitSpeakerHow Machine Learning, Econometrics, and Risk Analysis are advancing promotion and supply chain planning.
2018SAS Analytics ExperienceSpeakerHow Machine Learning Boosts Statistical Forecasting for Better Demand Planning at Kellogg’s
2017SAS Global ForumSponsor
2017SAS WebinarSpeakerManufacturing and Consumer Goods: Improving Workplace Safety with Analytics
2017National Safety Congress and ExpoSponsor
2017IoT WorldSponsor
2017SAS Analytics ExperienceSponsor
2017Michigan Analytics Consortium (private event)SpeakerTrends in Demand Planning
2017mHub Chicago Lunch and LearnSpeakerBuilding Machine Learning into your Product
2017SAS Analytics ExperienceSpeakerAdvancing Smart Factory Initiatives at Kelloggs with SAS Asset Performance Analytics
2017SAS Analytics ExperienceSpeaker and workshop facilitatorAdapting to Change in Analytical Tools and Methods, featuring Tom Davenport
2016SAS Global ForumSponsor
2016IoT WorldSponsor
2015SAS Global ForumSponsor
2015International Heavy Haul AssociationContributorInertial Tractive Effort as an Explanatory Variable in the Analysis of Locomotive Fuel Savings
2014SAS Transportation SummitSpeakerSafety Analytics at Union Pacific Railroad
2013SAS Utilities Users Group WebinarSpeakerPower Up: How Utilities Can Bypass “Big Data” Hype and Tap True Value in Analytics
2013Midwest SAS Users GroupSpeakerIntroduction to Market Basket Analysis
2013SAS Rail SummitSpeakerRailroad Safety
2011INTERCONF (Brazil)Speaker
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