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services and application development

Machine Learning

Detect, discover, and predict at scale.

Generative AI

Learn what it’s all about and how to use it.

Industrial Engineering and Optimization

Go beyond data science to operational excellence.

The Analytics of Things

Data strategies and models for connected devices, sensors, and event recorders

Analytics Platforms

Cloud technologies and software for end-to-end analytics

Analytics Strategy

Progress upward within the analytics maturity model.

Analytics Enablement

Boost your team’s competencies.

Flexible Analytics Resourcing

Analytics staff augmentation to add capacity and get more projects done quickly

Collaborative Analytics Lab

A managed sandbox for guided testing of concepts and technologies.

Custom Solutions and Services

Let us help you solve your unique and toughest problems.

Focused Solutions

Predictive Safety Analytics

Make employees and the public safer and improve safety metrics.


Project and understand trends for just about any metric.

Supply Chain

Model nodes of the supply chain to  efficiently match supply and demand.

Pricing and Marketing

Let consumer & buyer behavior dictate optimal pricing and promotion plans.

Predictive Maintenance

Predict and prevent equipment failures before they occur.

Fuel Conservation for Rail and Trucking

Save millions while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Retail Fuel Price Optimization

Set pump prices to optimize volume or profit.

Legal Claims Predictive Analytics

Estimate the expected financial outcome and probability of a settlement or judgement.

Customer Data Platforms

Conduct advanced behavioral analytics on a customer data lake.

Smart Business Experiments

Test important concepts in-market to reduce risk in a rollout.

Intelligent Process Automation

Augment humans and make them more productive with machine learning automation.

Text and Language Analytics

Glean insights from unstructured data.

Human Resources Analytics

Recruit, retain, and grow people and organizations

Data Products

Monetize your company’s data exhaust


Accelerate sustainability initiatives through data analytics

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