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A flexible analytics resourcing service which gives access to specialized expertise and technology.

What the Service Includes

  • Experienced leadership to frame the problem and assess needs
  • Flexible and specialized analytic expertise
  • Extensive technology toolbox through access to our Analytics Lab


  • Build momentum behind a new analytical initiative that is expected to drive significant profit improvement.
  • Respond more readily to changing market conditions and corporate priorities without disrupting progress on existing project and profit commitments.
  • Expand your analytic capabilities into new areas that could give you a competitive advantage.
  • Prove the potential of a commercial analytic software offering – using your own data – before committing to a purchase.
  • Get solutions to business analytics problems that exceed your internal capacity, expertise, and/or technology.
  • Respond more easily to new opportunities, particularly when specialized expertise or tools are needed.
  • Increase short-term capacity to meet changes in demand.
  • Test new ideas or examine the possibilities of a new data source in a relatively low-risk manner, without committing to a full-on solution and without disrupting progress on your ongoing projects
  • You save time and can be more nimble with a simplified resourcing contract.

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