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The Opportunity

  • A consumer goods company wanted to determine the opportunities and challenges they would have if they were to enhance its ability to combine and analyze multiple, large data sources related to marketing and customer activities.

Our Approach

  • Our approach was to conduct a “learn by doing” pilot, in which a limited-time effort would be made to attempt to analyze a subset of the potential data for insights, opportunities, and the potential for creating value. The deliverable was to summarize the key learnings from this attempt from both a business and technical perspective.
  • Five types of business questions were addressed in the approach, focusing on marketing and volume growth.

The Impact

The project delivered the following insights to aid the client in developing a go-forward plan:

  • A data readiness assessment.
  • An analysis of the proof-of-concept cases, reviewing the progress made in using the data to address the business questions.
  • A prioritization of functional needs.
  • Options for obtaining the required technologies and skills, conducive to the client’s high-level vision roadmap.
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