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The Opportunity

  • Several of our clients have sizable, capable data science teams.  But with the rise in demand for analytics projects in their businesses, they are often faced with capacity constraints.
  • While they have the technical skills to apply data science to a particular domain, they may not have done so before, and would benefit from learning from experienced peers.

Our Approach

  • Our collaboration model, where we emphasize knowledge sharing, is suitable for this context.  Our staff has grappled with, and solved problems that our clients are facing for the first time.
  • We offer “flex capacity” where we serve as an extension of the team, both in terms of ability to complete project tasks, as well as to offer experience as subject matter experts.

The Impact

The benefits our clients have seen include:

  • The ability to take on more projects, serving more business users and making an impact in more places in the company.
  • Agility in the ability to react quickly to new demands, by adding capacity within 24 hours of the new request.
  • The building of their own staff’s know-how, by teaming up with professionals who have addressed similar problems in other contexts.
  • Assurance of a consistent experience through longer-term, well-developed working relationships.
  • Building of internal credibility, as sometimes outside perspectives and contributions are seen as validating.
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