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The Opportunity

  • The client licensed new software for forecasting and wanted to realize the gains immediately.  But between constraints with the company’s IT department and the software vendor’s installation team, they would have to wait four months to deploy.

Our Approach

  • We stood up a temporary cloud environment, installed the software, and conducted a knowledge transfer workshop, sharing our experience with the technology and the statistical modeling it employs.

The Impact

  • In week one we set up the platform, installed the forecasting software, and verified secure user access for all users.
  • In week two we conducting an onsite knowledge transfer session, teaching the team how to use the software, and educating on statistical methodology topics.
  • By week four, the client’s team was producing real forecasts on their own, and reported an 8% improvement in accuracy over current methods.
  • The system served as their production system for five months, until the standard in-house environment was installed and configured.
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