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The Opportunity

  • A psychiatrist specializing in addiction needed help analyzing the results of a study evaluating a novel treatment for opioid addiction.  The study was done using a grant from the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Our Approach

  • After consulting with the client about the design of the study and the details of the grant proposal, we performed the analysis using the best-practices for this type of data.  We were careful to address all parts of the grant proposal and explain the results to the client.  We also provided a detailed analysis report for review by the client’s colleagues and grant program officer.

The Impact

  • Our analysis showed unequivocally that the treatment produced a significant reduction in opioid cravings beyond the placebo, averaging nearly 12 points better on the Opioid Craving Scale, and that it was effective for patients of different genders, ethnicities, and drug use backgrounds.  With this result, the client was able to apply for further funding to advance his research.
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