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The Opportunity

  • In the earliest days of the COVID-19 pandemic our clients and other companies needed to adapt their businesses to evolving conditions.  We saw our strength in data analytics as a way we could support these companies in their response.
  • In most cases we offered our services or data for free.

Our Approach

Our response had three tracks:

  • We developed a daily COVID case projection model.  In contrast to the myriad of dashboards that emerged, this model was distinct in that it was forward-looking (days ahead), and granular (at the county level).  The granularity enabled users to closely match to their physical operational or selling locations.   We offered this model as a custom dashboard, or as a raw data feed.
  • We developed a statistical segmentation scheme to help clients group products and location into groups for distinctive supply planning.
  • We conducted peer-to-peer data scientist consultations to share ideas on modeling the spread and impact of COVID-19.

The Impact

Examples of how our data, models, and services were used:

  • Using our case projection model, a company that services the meat industry provided projections on every meat processing plant so that their livestock supplier clients could divert away from plants at risk of closing.
  • A manufacturer created a plant risk scoring model to gauge the potential for closure.
  • A company with an extensive field sales force created a risk stop lighting system (red/yellow/green) for each rep’s call-on locations.
  • A company, considered to be an ‘essential service” used the data to foresee potential transportation staffing risks.
  • A food products company used our demand segmentation model to better plan for unusual demand.
  • A utility conferred with our modelers to develop their own model to support their incident management team.
  • A pharmaceutical company received advisement from our modelers to help forecast demand for an intubation drug.
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