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A global pharmaceutical company came to us with a unique space optimization challenge.

The company had developed and launched a new product line of pre-filled syringes, promising to improve safety and control and help hospitals adhere to narcotic regulatory compliance. The problem, however, was that these new pre-filled syringes came in a larger packaging size and were perceived as difficult to store in automatic dispensing cabinets.

As a result, the company received a pushback from their hospital partners who had neither the time nor the resources to solve the challenge of storing the new product and adoption was lower than anticipated. Hospitals would often counter back to sales teams with: “We love your product but we just don’t think we can find space for it.”

Even though the new product was superior to its predecessor, its larger package size required rearrangement of storage space – a task perceived as too daunting.

Enter First Analytics.

We devised a solution that would help the pharmaceutical company’s sales teams increase adoption of the new product by making it easy for hospitals to implement and store in their dispensing cabinets.

Using Data to Optimize Space

Quickly, we discovered that standardized automatic dispensing cabinets used by hospitals every day also store a wealth of data. Working together with our client, they granted us access to that rich data which told us the size of compartments, drawers and the overall configuration of the medication cabinet.

Using that data file, our team wrote customized software to analyze the configuration of products within the storage space. Our goal was to figure out the simplest, most efficient and most intelligent way for hospitals to reorganize their storage stations to make room for the new syringes.

Implementation Made Easy

After applying advanced mathematical optimization techniques to sift through countless storage rearrangement possibilities, we emerged with an implementation plan and tool for hospitals to use. Our easy-to-use storage blueprint allowed them to:

  • Identify the easiest way to fit new products
  • Avoid slow, manual processes
  • Follow a predetermined set of moves to rearrange products
  • Relocate existing products to increase overall storage capacity
  • Remove clutter by eliminating products that had become obsolete
  • Make their medication storage more space-efficient overall


Our purpose-built space optimization tool helped our client demonstrate to their partners that they could, in fact, adopt the new syringes and that storing and accessing them would be easy.

We proved that:

88% of the time, there were two or fewer movements needed to fit the new product.

Not only could hospitals make room for the new product but could improve the storage capacity and configuration of their entire dispensing cabinets. A win-win.

Our optimization approach enabled safety and compliance improvements for the hospital and, most importantly, their patients.

Using mathematical optimization, we helped a global pharmaceutical company create a space optimization tool that their hospital partners could use when onboarding and storing new products. The tool demonstrated that hospitals could:

  • Avoid manual processes to identify space within a dispensing cabinet
  • Achieve smarter implementation of a new product with the least effort and with fewer constraints
  • Improve their overall space efficiency, further maximizing uptime and patient safety

First Analytics has been helping companies use analytics to solve their most important and complex business problems for over 10 years. Founded by Tom Davenport (Competing on Analytics) and Michael Thompson, it has been First Analytics’ mission to advance businesses in their analytic maturity, whether just getting started or accelerating on the more expert end of the continuum. One-time analysis or end-to-end applications. Big data or small. On-premise or in the cloud. We help make analytics a vital element of your daily operations and a key to sustainable growth and success.

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