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The First Analytics Team in Action

We seek big opportunities and take a wide-angle view of what’s possible through advanced analytics.  Our success has been based on our ability to be nimble, to respond and react quickly to our clients’ needs, flexibly tailoring and channeling our skill sets to their projects.  No guesswork; not intuition; just a deep belief and reliance in the power of analytics.

We drive insight, intelligence and change. And we’re ready to do it for you.

Public Affairs Crisis Management

A global consumer products company wanted to understand the impact of public relations events such as...
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Quantifying the Effect of Public Relations on Corporate Earnings

A public relations services and measurement company desired to show how their data...
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Incorporating New Media into Marketing Mix Models

A company which for years had relied on marketing mix models to attribute sales volume to marketing..
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Using Social Media for Business Decisions

This case is an amalgamation of several projects we have undertaking to incorporate social media...
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