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Thank you for participating in our session, My CEO Asked for AI: A Year in Review

Here you can find the video recording of this and related sessions, as well as material referenced in the discussion.

Presentation Slides

PDF version of the slides.  Note that the video will not play.

Session video

Will be posted when available

Birchwood Foods Safety Video

Example of an AI Avatar presenting training in multiple languages

Survey Results

2023 versus 2024.  Will be posted in the days following the conference.

May 2024 Webinar

My CEO Says I’m Supposed to Use AI.
Now What?  (Will be posted when available)

2023 CHOLearning Session

Video of the 2023 session, including the audience survey.

Referenced Materials

FRA railroad incident chatbot demo

Note that this is a prototype for demonstration purposes.  You may occasionally encounter errors or slowness in responding.  If your question require querying a database, there will be additional processing time.

Railroad Greenhouse Gas expert

A custom GPT availalbe without a subscription in OpenAI’s public store.

GenAI Can Help Companies Do More with Customer Feedback.

May 2024 Harvard Business Review Article, co-authored by Tom Davenport and Mike Thompson, founders of First Analytics

Forbes article on Birchwood Foods training avatars

Forthcoming by Tom Davenport.

Guide: Vetting Vendor AI Claims

About 90% of the content was written by a combination of three Large Language Models, guided by and edited by a data science expert.

Connect with the presenters:

Caitlin Hamstra

Rob Stevens

Bob Latino

Some of these materials were not available online at the time of the presentation.  If you would like to be notified when they are available, please complete this form.

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