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We have delivered over 150 projects in the animal health and protein production industry since 2010.  Our extensive, deep, and varied experience allows us to address just about any issue you bring us.

Examples of our Work

  • Modeling food animal growth performance for feedlot beef and poultry
  • Analysis of Bovine Respiratory Disease (BVD)
  • Measuring the impact of antibiotic-free practices on poultry health
  • Studying the economic impact of market forces on livestock producers
  • Identifying predictive metrics of food safety in processing plants
  • Forecasting of hog prices
  • Development and hosting of data and statisitics portals
  • Screening and collation of data and to produce model-based estimates of animal stages of growth and the impact of diseases in economic contexts
  • Visualizing streaming data in poultry processing plants
  • Estimating price elasticity for major products globally to recommend targeted price changes
  • Identifying product traits that fit historical archetypes to forecast performance at product launch.
  • Alerting account executives to potential lost sales
  • Analyzing distribution networks
  • Empowering decision-making on livestock health through comprehensive data in Ethiopia

Selected Industry Beneficiaries of our Work

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