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First Analytics a Collaborator in the Global Burden of Animal Diseases Program

First Analytics recently joined the Global Burden of Animal Diseases Program as a collaborator.  Also known as GBADs, the program was launched in 2018, sponsored by the University of Liverpool.  Supporting organizations include the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation, other public and private institutions, and universities.

GBADs’ mission is  “measure to improve” animal health at a local, national, and global level.  It aims to improve societal outcomes from livestock and have a positive impact on sustainable development goals.  First Analytics’ role is to screen and collate data and to produce model-based estimates of animal stages of growth and the impact of diseases in an economic context.

Examples of previous projects we have conducted in animal health include:

  • modeling food animal growth performance for feedlot beef and poultry;
  • analysis of Bovine Respiratory Disease (BVD), which will be a large factor in the GBADs work;
  • measuring the impact of antibiotic-free practices on poultry health;
  • studying the economic impact of market forces on livestock producers;
  • identifying predictive metrics of food safety in processing plants.

The work with GBADs adds to our use of analytics in other areas of sustainability or public good, such as safety, energy conservation, human health, and pandemic response.  In 2022 as companies focus more on ESG (Environmental, Social and corporate Governance) we are increasing our work in helping companies achieve Science-Based Targets for greenhouse gas reduction.

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