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An integrated application that supports both strategic planning and daily store-level gasoline price optimization.

Solution Outcomes and Benefits


  • Optimal store-level pricing with less effort. Our best-in-class approach for daily store-level price optimization incorporates all of the variables that can impact customer traffic and gross margin, and provides all the flexibility you need to specify constraints and achieve volume and profit targets.
  • Better strategic decision making that considers both competitor and customer response. “What if?” simulation capability lets you predict the volume and margin impact of alternative pricing strategies before you implement a change, whether for the whole chain, a single market, or a targeted group of stores.
  • Confidence that the process is working. The application helps you set achievable volume plans (calculated by store, by grade, by day; rolled up for executive reporting) and alerts you to exceptions. Dashboards also track actual results vs. model predictions.

For more details, check out this solution brief.

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