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The Opportunity

A semiconductor manufacturer began to foresee opportunities in the exploding potential applications of the so-called internet-of-things.  They desired advisory services which would include:

  • Identification of the key trends driving next-generation IoT analytics, and the key technologies require to support it.
  • A market landscape analysis.
  • An understanding of cloud vs edge analytics.
  • Other aspects relative to their strategic planning.

Our Approach

We provided advisory services, drawing from the experience of our team in implementing solutions involving data from sensors, event recorders, and machines.  To provide strategic insights, we leveraged the expertise of our co-founder, noted analytics expert Tom Davenport, and his always-prescient view of the analytics marketplace.  Elements of our deliverables included:

  • An overview of the analytics “state of the art” and key trends and market segments.
  • An overview of the strategies of key vendors of analytics and big data.
  • A presentation on Hadoop and open source analytics technologies.
  • Presentations on key capabilities needed for IoT analytics initiatives, gap analysis, differentiation, and talent and investment requirements.

The Impact

The client came with information to build a roadmap to:

  • Define broad areas where they needed to gain capability.
  • Define a five year investment plan to acquire the capability to deliver on their IoT ambition and use analytics as a differentiator.
  • Identify use cases for pilots.
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