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The First Analytics Team in Action

We seek big opportunities and take a wide-angle view of what’s possible through advanced analytics.  Our success has been based on our ability to be nimble, to respond and react quickly to our clients’ needs, flexibly tailoring and channeling our skill sets to their projects.  No guesswork; not intuition; just a deep belief and reliance in the power of analytics.

We drive insight, intelligence and change. And we’re ready to do it for you.

Reducing Manufacturing Scrap Through Root Cause Analysis

A discrete manufacturer produces a technology product which has narrow measurement tolerances... 
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Machine Vision for Detecting Equipment Problems

This company operates equipment in motion at high speed.  Certain components develop defects or damage that could cause...
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Uncovering Product Quality Issues using Machine Data

A food company experienced manufacturing issues with one particular product, where the product was...
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Predictive Maintenance for Trucks

A mining company relies on high-payload-capacity trucks to haul extracted material for extraction of ore and...
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Improving Fuel Conservation

A transportation company spends over a billion dollars a year on fuel.  Even a 1% savings in fuel consumption...
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Predictive Maintenance for Medical Instruments

A medical device company has maintenance contracts for thousands of their instruments...
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Advising on Product Strategy for IoT

A semiconductor manufacturer began to foresee opportunities in the exploding potential applications of the so-called internet-of-things...
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Teaching Analytics for Predictive Maintenance

The company needed to predict when, over the next three months, certain components would trigger...
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Weather Data in Analytics

Weather plays a factor in many of the subjects our case studies. Although the weather is often...
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