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First Analytics Resumes the Summer R&D Program

After a two-year hiatis we are pleased to announce that our Summer R&D Progam has returned.  We are invitiing participation in this program.

Do you have a research topic to explore or “skunkworks” project in mind?  Don’t have the time or resources?

The First Analytics Summer Research and Development Program is your answer.


  • Bring your problem and your objectives to us and we will develop a methodological approach, a project plan, and the resources to complete it over the summer
  • Treat this like an internal project, directed by you, with First Analytics taking the lead


  • Access to bright graduate students, schooled in the latest techniques and technologies, and involved in research as part of their education
  • Access to professors at North Carolina State University, along with their research and labs
  • Team-ups with seasoned data scientists at First Analytics to make sure your project’s business goals are met and to lend their experience in having done this “in the real world”
  • Project management by a First Analytics lead
  • A managed, cloud-based technology platform;  no need to procure from your IT department
  • Access to the very latest software tools and technologies
  • First Analytics handles intern recruiting, on-boarding, payroll, and visa requirements


  • Using recurrent neural networks to improve demand forecasting
  • Using various machine learning techniques, such as XGBoost, in the analysis of animal health
  • Evaluating new machine learning frameworks for migration of existing analytical applications

For more details and answers to questions, check out this solution overview.

For inquiries and to express interest, please complete the below form.

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