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More from SAS Global Forum: New SAS/STAT Tools

When we advise our clients on SAS Analytics Platform Modernization, we are usually talking about the platform more than the analytics.  That is, N-tier architectures, distributed computing, or even SAS Viya.   It Is easy to forget that SAS Institute also puts a lot of work into developing the analytics procedures themselves.

If you are a long-time SAS analytics shop doing regression model building, generalized linear models, survival analysis, or mixed models, you should take the time to read this paper from the forum.  It nicely classifies the new capabilities that have been added in recent SAS/STAT releases, and compares and contrasts to some of the older procedures and options you may be accustomed to.

One downside of all of these new developments is a bevy of new procedures to keep track of, and understanding which does what.  But the paper contains nice figures and table summaries to help the reader navigate through them.  The added capabilities in your toolkit makes it  worth the investment of time understanding these new procedures.  And this is a common challenge for analytics and data science professionals:  keeping up with an ever expanding set of tools.  In fact, as of this writing CRAN is up to 10,509 packages for R!

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