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New Year, Updated Website

We are kicking off the new year with our updated website launch!  And our New Year’s resolution is to continually keep it fresh and up to date.

Our current website was put in place in late 2019.  It had changed little since then, and much of the material dated back to 2010 versions of the website.  That’s an eternity in our business.

Furthermore, the content on the website represented a small fraction of the things we can do or have done in the past.  Our goal with this 2024 update was not only to update some of the older content, but to add to it.  We have range!  And that is reflected on our offerings page, which lays out many of the ways we apply predictive analytics and machine learning.

Confession: ChatGPT wrote some of the content!

For kicks, we pointed OpenAI’s Web Browser application to the website and asked it do a brief summary of the company.  Here is what it came back with:

First Analytics is a company that specializes in advanced analytics solutions, leveraging techniques like predictive modeling, data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to address complex business challenges. They offer a diverse range of services across various industries, focusing on enhancing in-house capabilities and systems for their clients. Their offerings include machine learning, generative AI, industrial optimization, and predictive analytics, among others. Based in Cary, NC, First Analytics emphasizes practical applications of analytics to drive business insights and operational excellence.

Most New Year’s resolutions last about three weeks.  We aspire to keep our website in good shape for months and years to come.



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