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This solution is aimed at reducing fuel consumption and associated costs for railroad operations through data-driven strategies. It includes evaluating the effectiveness of fuel-saving technologies, optimizing locomotive efficiency, and advising on refueling and train handling strategies.

Features and Benefits

  • Use data and analytics to reduce fuel consumption.
  • Evaluate effectiveness of fuel saving technologies such as rail lubrication.
  • Evaluate effectiveness of locomotive energy management systems such as TO.
  • Quantify the efficiency of specific locomotive models.
  • Optimize horsepower per trailing ton and distributed power.
  • Determine the impact of different train builds.
  • Determine when, where and how much to refuel (minimize fuel cost).
  • Inform train handling strategies.
  • Design and assess locomotive engineer incentive programs.
  • Achieve ESG goals and Science Based Targets.
  • Work effectively with testing organizations such as TTC and SwRI.
  • Leverage experts who have run fuel management and conservation efforts at a Class I railroad

Data Curated for Fuel Analysis

  • Integrated data from varied data sources
  • An “energy management data repository” supporting:
    • Reporting, dashboards and visualization
    • Ad hoc analyses
    • Advanced analytics and modeling

Advisory Services

  • Data collection and integration strategy
  • Controlled testing design and evaluation methodology
  • Subject matter expertise to advise on issues
  • Application development
  • Advanced analytics and machine learning


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