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First Analytics at the Community of Human and Organizational Learning Conference





It is said that the Community of Human and Organizational Learning Conference (CHOLearning) is the “greatest conference for humans by humans!”  First Analytics has the privilege of presenting both in a breakout session and participating in a general session at the conference.

Within the safety topic track, our breakout session is entitled “Machine Learning to Assess Accident Risk for Truck and Train Operators ”  We will present several use cases where predictive analytics provides risk scores for employees operating trucks or trains.

You will also want to take in the session immediately preceding it, “What a Train Wreck: Assessing and Communicating Environmental Disasters in Our Communities.”  The presenter of that session will be one of our co-presenters in a later general session.

Together with JD Solomon and Bob Latino, we will co-present and lead a group discussion in a general session, The Current State of AI: The Good, Bad, and Evil of ChatGPT.   We will show timely examples where ChatGPT is astonishingly good at helping us in our jobs.  We will also show where it is outright wrong.  Some of the examples will come from the prior breakout session on vehicle operator safety.  Check out the session description for more information.

The CHOLearning community conference will be held June 13-15, 2023 at the Renaissance-Norfolk Waterfront Hotel in Portsmouth, Virginia.

You may register here.   We would love to see you there and hope that you would participate in the discussions, as both sessions will be interactive.

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