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First Analytics Joins the Gurobi Alliance

First Analytics recently joined the Gurobi Alliance as a service partner.  Gurobi produces the world’s fastest and most powerful mathematical optimization solver – the  Gurobi Optimizer – which is used by leading global companies across more than 40 different industries to rapidly solve their complex, real-world problems and make automated decisions  that optimize their efficiency and profitability.

As the market leader in mathematical optimization software, they aim to deliver not only the best solver, but also the best support – so that companies can fully leverage the power of  mathematical optimization (on its own or in combination with other AI techniques such as machine learning) to drive optimal business decisions and outcomes.

Even before joining the alliance, First Analytics has used Gurobi as part of some of our solutions.  We have long recognized and promoted the use of mathematical optimization beyond data science.  Or more broadly speaking, we see industrial engineering, which includes optimization, as the pinnacle of analytics.

For industrial engineering examples, many of which involve optimization, see this post on our blog.

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