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First Analytics Partners with XREA

First Analytics is announcing its analytics development partnership with XREA. XREA is a market analysis software platform that helps real estate developers determine what and where to build.

The real estate industry needs to quicken the adoption of technology and advanced analytics into its operations. This is increasingly the case with the rise and use of artificial intelligence. Our partnership has the potential to capitalize on this market need by creating a solution that will maximize cost efficiency and streamline the development planning process.

The core of XREA’s software platform is an AI Expert System that uses a nationwide set of economic real estate data to produce market scores and forecasts that measure a market’s ability to sustain various assets and customer types. This helps developers instantly pinpoint the best use, location, and target customer for a development project. 

First Analytics is utilizing its Advanced Analytics and AI expertise to help design and build this system. To learn more about the product, visit XREA’s website here. 

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