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New in our Library: Vetting AI Vendor Claims

Do your eyes roll when you hear the term “AI” thrown out indiscriminately?  Do you bring your AI Buzzword Bingo card to meetings, especially vendor sales pitches?  Then we have something for you!

We have placed in our library a new comprehensive guide, Vetting AI Vendor Claims.  Created with the expertise of both AI and human intelligence, this guide aims to navigate businesses through the complex landscape of AI technology offerings.  It delves into understanding AI and machine learning, discerning the hype from reality, and offers practical advice on evaluating AI vendors’ claims.

Highlights include strategies for identifying credible AI claims, a list of critical questions to ask vendors, and insights into why many AI initiatives fail.  This guide is a resource for businesses aiming to make informed decisions on AI investments, ensuring their technological advancements are both sound and aligned with their strategic objectives.

For more details, visit our library to download and explore the full report.

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