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We believe that greater analytics drive greater outcomes.

In our vision, complete analytics will play an ever-increasing role in helping businesses be more accurate and effective, overcome their greatest challenges, and compete more effectively. We have seen the power and potential of advanced analytics firsthand, and know exactly how to help companies turn vast amounts of raw, unsifted data into rich and tangible intelligence they can use. To what end? To anticipate risk and drive safety; to save dollars and lives; to optimize capacity, inventory and performance; and to enable change.

From demand forecasting and price setting to systems performance, risk mitigation and more, we have the power to apply advanced analytics and machine learning to any situation and, in turn, radically transform how businesses are run.

complete analytics, First Analytics

Analytics Strategy

Roadmaps and mentoring to help your organization mature into an analytical competitor.

Where does your firm fit in the analytical maturity model first laid out by one of our leaders, Tom Davenport?

complete analytics, First Analytics

We can guide you to the Analytical Competitor stage through:

  • Assessments and audits

  • Planning and roadmaps

  • Proofs-of-concept

  • Capabilities development and mentoring.

Our Engagement Model

Our collaborative engagement model leaves your team with the “know-how” to do analytics.

We consider an engagement to be unsuccessful if we cannot establish you as the owner-operator of the solution.

complete analytics, First Analytics

Analytics Platforms

Analytics is characterized by a bewildering array of rapidly evolving technologies. Our platform advisory services can help you put the right components in place.

Analytical Software Adaptation

From general open source and proprietary software, such as Python, R, and SAS, to the more recent machine learning frameworks, we know how to match the science to the data.


We work with your IT resources, be they internal or consultants, to recommend supporting technologies such as data lake solutions, distributed computing technologies, and cloud service providers.

Collaborative Analytics Lab

Get hands-on experience with software you are considering on a real platform, with real use cases, guided by consultants from First Analytics at your side.

SAS Analytics Modernization

Your complete analytics shop may have been around a while and feels the need to “catch up” with the latest developments in SAS technology. This high-level overview shows you how we can help you make your SAS analytics infrastructure current.


If your IT department is lacking the resources to support your analytics needs, we may be in a position to host or administer environments for you.

complete analytics, First Analytics

Analytics of Things

Beyond the hype surrounding the Internet of Things, there is value to be extracted from the data produced by sensors, event recorders, machine PLCs and historians, and connected devices.  Here are some example applications:

complete analytics, First Analytics

Getting your application up and running is not easy. Check out these links that describe some related issues and challenges.

First Analytics can guide you to fulfill your Analytics of Things aspirations.  A typical First Analytics engagement model:

complete analytics, First Analytics

complete analytics, First Analytics

Safety Analytics

Are employee and public safety important to your company? Did you know that effective analytic strategies could help prevent incidents, accidents or even equipment failures using data you already have? At First Analytics we utilize your data to create and tailor a solution focused on addressing your exact business focus. The main objective, however, is to anticipate risk in future activities. Predictive analytics can assess at-risk employees as they are scheduled for a particular shift. While actual incidents are rare and difficult to predict, a risk score produced by a predictive model, in and of itself provides a valuable mechanism for intervention and remediation.​

Benefits of Predictive Safety Analytics

This is the age of information, data mining, machine learning and predictive, complete analytics. Safety departments that don’t embrace this will fall behind. Contact us to learn how you can….

  • Predict and prevent employee incidents, accidents and equipment failures.
  • Identify the people, places and processes at most risk.
  • Quantify the probabilities of accidents or injuries.
  • Categorize and quantify the relative impact of specific risk factors.
  • Separate signal from noise when accessing trends or the impact of safety programs, equipment, or process changes.
  • One injury or incident can be hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars.
  • For every prediction we make, we can tell you how accurate those predictions are.
  • For every risk factor that we confirm, we can tell you our statistical level of confidence in that factor.

Predictive Safety Analytics Resources

Dive deeper into our safety assets:

Schedule Your Safety Analytics Consultation

complete analytics, First Analytics

Forecasting & Supply Chain

Realize accuracy gains and process efficiencies by building statistical models into your forecasting processes.

Supply Chain Optimization

From consumer demand to manufacturing, use data and analytics to optimize the nodes of supply.

Demand Signal Analytics

Reduce stock-outs and excess inventory at your customers through statistical modeling and machine learning.

Machine Augmented Demand Planning

Use machine learning to forecast demand and make decisions to increase accuracy and free up demand planners to focus on value-add activities.

SAS Forecast Server implementation

We are the leading SAS partner when it comes to deploying this solution.

Forecasting as a Service

For organizations whose staff and IT departments are not ready to support advanced statistical modeling.

complete analytics, First Analytics

Price & Marketing

We have extensive experience in pricing and marketing analytics.

General Pricing Applications

  • Retail price elasticity modeling and optimization
  • QSR menu pricing

Marketing Analytics

  • Trade promotion optimization
  • Marketing mix modeling
  • Market segmentation
  • Smart Business Experiments
  • Product assortment
  • Public relations and social media analytics

Fuel Price Planning and Optimization

A solution for fuel retailers that can integrate with existing pricing technologies. It can be deployed in-house or offered as a service through the SAS Managed Analytic Service Provider program.

complete analytics, First Analytics

Custom Solutions & Services

Our skilled team can serve as your R&D or analytical services department with custom models, application development, data monetization and staff augmentation.

We specialize in the following areas:

  • Data Science
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Optimization

Application Development

From solution definition and design to building the end-user interfaces, we can play a role in the development of analytically-oriented applications.

Staff Augmentation and Outsourcing

Understaffed?  Lacking analytical talent?  First Analytics can fill those roles for you, on a temporary or long-term basis.

Custom Analytics

Beyond our standard offerings, if you have data and an idea, we may be able to  create an application for it.  See some of the ways we’ve made analytics work.

Data Monetization

Your data, even as a by-product of your routine operations, may hold enormous untapped value.  We can help you create new revenue streams by building data products.

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